Industrial co-location

We help energy intensive industries switch from fossil fuels to low carbon alternatives through our patented technology

Our advanced gasification modules convert waste or biomass feedstocks into low carbon fuel alternatives providing ideal drop-in replacements for natural gas, heavy fuel oils, coal and other fossil fuels

Low carbon fuel options can replace fossil fuel reliance, helping to tackle hard-to-decarbonise processes, while allowing operators the opportunity to fix their energy costs over the long term reducing their bills, as well as their greenhouse gas emissions

Learn more about our innovative process and its benefits, and about our specialised project development services to guide you through the entire project development process

  • Fossil fuel replacement
  • CO2 savings
  • Secure and fixed price fuel
  • Circular economy waste solution

Some of the industries that we help

Compact design
Modular plants
Feedstock prepared off-site
Wastewater pre-treatment process
No harmful or toxic air emissions
Low noise emissions
Substitute fuels from syngas

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X1 XTH (can be multiplied for scale)

XTH – ‘X’ – anything to heat – a non-reformed syngas that can be used in direct combustion e.g., kilns, boilers, and furnaces. Feedstock to syngas energy conversion efficiency for XTH is >80%

4.5 to over 45 million m3/yr natural gas displaced
X1 XTE (can be multiplied for scale)

XTE – ‘X’ – anything to equilibrium – a clean, tar-free, reformed syngas with a stable composition. Feedstock to syngas energy conversion efficiency for XTE is >70%.
Carbon capture ready.

5.5 to over 55 million m3/yr natural gas displaced