Advanced molecules

We help the advanced fuels’ market make the switch from fossil sources for production to renewable and recycled carbon alternatives by deploying our modular solution in multiple unit configurations to allow for bulk fuel production

Our advanced gasification and syngas reformation technology enables the production of multiple clean energy fuels which can be used across multiple sectors. We achieve this by converting a wide range of feedstocks such as waste and biomass into a clean hydrogen-rich syngas that can be used to produce Advanced Fuels

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  • Fossil fuel replacement
  • CO2 savings
  • Secure and fixed price fuel
  • Circular economy waste solution

rDME – renewable and recycled carbon dimethyl ether – a safe, cost-effective, and clean burning fuel that can defossilise the LPG​ and the off-grid energy sector

Hydrogen – a clean and promising molecule that will play a key role in the transition to a clean energy system​

rMethane – renewable and recycled carbon natural gas alternative to defossilise the gas grid energy sector

Transport and sustainable aviation fuels – advanced biofuels and SAF that can be used in diesel and jet engines

Chemical production – methanol, ammonia and naphtha

Some of the fuel applications

Cost effective solution
Circular solution for waste
Bulk fuel production
Minimal CO2 emissions
Secure and fixed price solution
Well developed commercial structure
Carbon capture ready solution

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