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KEW Technology is a UK based sustainable energy solutions company. Our technology provides an innovative approach to tackling climate change by efficiently converting all types of non-recyclable wastes and low-grade biomass into sustainable energy products, such as rDME (LPG & diesel substitute), hydrogen, heat and advanced fuels.

KEW sits at the heart of two parallel market (r)evolutions: the drive to zero carbon emissions and the shift to a zero-waste circular economy.

KEW’s technology enables industrial, commercial and residential energy consumers to achieve net zero energy ambitions, particularly in harder to decarbonise areas of energy use such as industrial gases, heating and fuels for off-grid and transport sectors. The challenge to decarbonise energy and reduce waste is a global issue and one that is likely to have a defining impact on our society for future generations. KEW’s technology can provide a viable and cost-effective solution to this challenge, and we are already working with leading stakeholders on numerous projects globally.